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442 Football Park is the first of its kind football entertainment center in the region. We offer football fans and players of all ages and abilities the latest sports technology through our 10 gamified football challenges and in-app scores. Our 1,850 sqm facility is home to the first Glow in the Dark Football experience, 4v4 Football Cage, a dedicated training area, e-gaming corner, and custom print shop.


Location and facilities

We created numerous technology-led competitive football challenges that test your skills and abilities, which show your results on your personalized scorecard on our application to see how you compare to friends and professionals. The technology in our facilities is designed to enhance the cognitive, physical, and technical development of players in a fun, engaging, technology driven experience. The 442 Team is dedicated to research and development of our technology and our members’ experience. We are constantly testing and evolving our tech-led challenges as innovation impacts the sport of football.

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